General Services

Organigramme IAME U1137

The Board

The Board discusses and decides on all aspects of the overall scientific strategy, organization and methods of the inner life of IAME.

It is composed of the following members:

Director: Erick Denamur
Deputy Director: France Mentré
Administrative Director: Myriam Berthet
Occupational health manager: Françoise Chau

Director of team QEM: Olivier Tenaillon
Co-director of team BIPID: Jérémie Guedj
Directors of team DeSCID: Sylvie Deuffic-Burban and Diane Descamps

Elected representative of researchers: François Blanquart
Elected representative of professors, University of Paris: Agnès Lefort
Elected representative of associate professors, University of Paris: Benoît Visseaux
Elected representative of professors and associate professors, University Sorbonne Paris Nord: Mathilde Lescat
Elected representative of technicians/secretaries: Mélanie Magnan
Elected representative of PhD students and post-docs: François Riglet

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The objectives of the SAB is to provide comments and suggestions to help the unit for adjusting its scientific strategy.

It is composed of the following members:

Chair: Philippe Vanhems
Team EVRest experts: Isabel Gordo, Christian Lesterlin
Team DeSCID experts: Monique Nijhuis, Roger Paredes
Team BIPID experts: Sandrine Marchand, Thomas Jaki

SAB 9 mars 2023

SAB meeting for HCERES evaluation preparation, March 9, 2023