First name: Lucile
  Last name: Vigué
  Function: PhD student / Doctorante
  Email: lucile.vigue

Research interest

I'm using statistical physics (Direct-Coupling Analysis) to study epistasis in protein and to infer the effect of amino-acid changes. I apply this work to the analysis of the evolution of Escherichia coli by studying patterns of mutations found across tens of thousands of natural isolates. I'm also keen to generalize it to other fields, especially human genetics. As a bio-informatician, I'm collaborating on other data analysis projects such as microbiota research or experimental evolution studies.



2018-2020: Master Degree in Life Science engineering, EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland)
2015-2018: École polytechnique

Academic positions

2020-present: PhD student, IAME, Université de Paris Cité

Exhaustive list of publications


Vigué L, Croce G, Petitjean M, Ruppé E, Tenaillon O, Weigt M
Deciphering polymorphism in 61,157 Escherichia coli genomes via epistatic sequence landscapes.
Nature Communications 2022, 13, 4030.

Hobson CA, Vigue L, Naimi S, Chassaing B, Magnan M, Bonacorsi S, Gachet B, El Meouche I, Birgy A, Tenaillon O
MiniBioReactor Array (MBRA) in vitro gut model: a reliable system to study microbiota-dependent response to antibiotic treatment.
JAC-antimicrobial resistance 2022, 4, dlac077.

Hobson CA, Vigué L, Magnan M, Chassaing B, Naimi S, Gachet B, Claraz P, Storme T, Bonacorsi S, Tenaillon O, Birgy A
A Microbiota-Dependent Response to Anticancer Treatment in an In Vitro Human Microbiota Model: A Pilot Study With Hydroxycarbamide and Daunorubicin.
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 2022, 12, 886447.