First name: Béatrice
  Last name: Bercot
  Function: Clinical Microbiologist, MD, PHD,
  Position: Full Professor
  Email: beatrice.bercot

Research interest

Research in antibiotic resistance My research activities are focused since 20 years on antibiotic resistance focus on therapeutic strategies especially in aminoglycosides resistance (experience in genetic mobile element, expression of genes in integron structure) in Gram negative bacilli and multidrug resistant N. gonorrhoeae. It involves close collaboration between clinical bacteriologists, infectious disease clinicians and orthopedics to combine task forces together.  



2014: Research Director degree (HDR), Paris Diderot University
2001: PhD in Microbiology, Paris Descartes University
1993: Medical Doctor and specialisation in Clinical Biology, Paris Descartes University
1994: Master of Sc in Microbiology and Molecular Biology, Paris Descartes University
1982-1988 : First and second cycle of Medical Scool, Nancy University

Academic positions

2018-Present: Professor in Bacteriology – Head of Bacteriology Laboratory, St Louis-Lariboisière Hospital, AP-HP Nord Paris Cité University, Paris
2017-Present: Director of Associated Laboratory to the French National Reference Center for bacterial STI (gonorrhoea), APHP, St Louis Hospital
2004-2018: Associate Professor in Bacteriology, Medical School, Paris-Diderot University
1995-1999: Assistant Professor in Bacteriology, Medical School, Paris-Diderot University
1991-1995: Resident in Biology, APHP, Paris Diderot University
1988-1990: Resident in Medecine, Nancy University

Research training (post doctoral)

2014-Present: Researcher at University Paris Cité, Mixte Unit of Research Inserm-University, INSERM-UMR 1137, IAME, Team EvREST, Pr Denamur, Paris.
2012-2014: Researcher at University Paris-Diderot Research, EA3964 EA3964 Research Team, Pr Bruno Fantin, Paris.
2008-2012: Postdoctoral fellow at University Paris XI, Inserm Unit 914 – Emerging antibiotic resistance, Pr Nordmann, Paris
2003-2007: Collaborations Dr Mazel, Pasteur Unit, CNRS UMR3525, Paris
1997-2003: Researcher at INSERM-E004 Research Unit – Molecular Research of antibiotics, University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC), Pr Gutmann, Paris

List of the main publications

Exhaustive list of publications


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Reviewer for Microbial Drug Resistance, f1000Research, DMID, J of infect, J of Microbiol, Jone Bone Spine, .. Director of the National Reference Center for Gonococci since 2017 (Molecular typing and screening for resistance to b-lactams, quinolones and azithromycin resistance in N. gonorrhoeae)