First name: Etienne
  Last name: Carbonnelle
  Function: Enseignant chercheur
  Position: PU-PH
  Email: etienne.carbonnelle

Research interest



2013: Research Director degree (HDR), Paris Descartes University,
2005: Ph. D. in Microbiology, Paris Descartes University,
2001: Medical Doctor in Clinical Biology, Paris Pierre and Marie Curie University,
2001: Speciality in Medical Biology,
2000: Master of Science in Microbiology, Paris,
1999: Inter University degree, “Molecular biology of the cell”, Paris Diderot University,
1989-1995: First and second cycle of Medical studies, University Angers, France.

Academic positions

2016-present: Medical director of Biology laboratory, Avicenne and Jean-Verdier hospitals,
2014-present: Head of the Microbiology laboratory, Avicenne and Jean-Verdier hospitals,
2008-2014: Associate Professor in Bacteriology, Medical school, Paris Descartes University,
2007-2008: Poste d’accueil APHP-CNRS, UMR8619, Paris-Sud University,
2005-2007: Assistant professor in Microbiology, Medical school, Paris Descartes University,
2002-2004: Poste d’accueil INSERM, U570,
1995-2001: Resident, Paris Pierre and Marie Curie University.

Research training (post doctoral)

2014-present: Researcher at the INSERM unit UMR 1137, IAME team EVRest, Paris Nord University and Paris Diderot University, director Pr. E. Denamur,
2008-2014: Researcher at the INSERM unit UMR 872, Paris Descartes University, director Dr. M. Arthur,
2007-2008: Researcher at the CNRS unit UMR8619, Paris-Sud University, director Dr. D. Menguin-Lecreulx
1999-2007: Researcher at the INSERM unit 411 then 570, Paris Descartes University, Paris, director Pr. X. Nassif

Exhaustive list of publications


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