First name: Linda
  Last name: Houhamdi
  Email: linda.houhamdi

Research interest

Exhaustive list of publications


Kolenda C, Monteix A, Houhamdi L, Preynat-Boucher P, Giannoli JM, Escuret V, Laurent F, Morfin F
Do liquid wastes from automated instruments in medical laboratories have their proper microbicide effect?.
Annales De Biologie Clinique 2019, 77, 295-305.


Houhamdi L, Raoult D
Different genes govern Yersinia pestis pathogenicity in Caenorhabditis elegans and human lice.
Microbial Pathogenesis 2008, 44, 435-437.

Ayyadurai S, Houhamdi L, Lepidi H, Nappez C, Raoult D, Drancourt M
Long-term persistence of virulent Yersinia pestis in soil.
Microbiology (Reading, England) 2008, 154, 2865-2871.