First name: Catherine
  Last name: Leport
  Position: Professor of Infectious diseases
  Email: catherine.leport

Research interest

Clinician, involved since 1982 in the fight against HIV infection, my clinical research has been on characterization and evolution of clinical presentation and therapeutic strategies in various severe and transmissible diseases, mainly HIV and infective endocarditis. From the experience with HIV infected patients, I have been concerned with the mandatory interdisciplinary collaboration for research on emerging infectious diseases (new forms of already known or new infectious diseases), especially between bio-medical and human and social sciences researchers (as applied to vancomycin-resistant enterococcal infections, influenza, dengue fever). Since 2009, I have moved from a patient’s focused approach of research to the collective dimension of infectious diseases, and a more public-health-oriented research. In the context of my double mission of teaching and research, a special effort has been made to use large research clinical studies for training of students to clinical research.

Exhaustive list of publications


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