First name: France
  Last name: Mentré
  Function: IAME Vice Director, BiPID Director
  Position: Professor of Biostatistics
  Email: france.mentre

Research interest

My research is focused on development and application of methods for nonlinear mixed-effects models in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics for more than 30 years. I am leading the development of the software PFIM for optimal design in pharmacometrics. I wish to extend the application of mixed-effects models for the systematic analysis of longitudinal data in clinical trials and cohorts. I focus more specifically in the treatment of infectious diseases, where pharmacometrics provides better insight on the variability of response to drugs and the acquisition of resistance.



1993 Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, University Paris 6
1992 Medical Dissertation, University Paris 6
1984 PHD in Biomathematics, University Paris 7
1980-1984 Student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Mathematics

Academic positions

Since 2000 Professor of Biostatistics, School of Medicine, Université Paris Cité
1995-2000 Research Director at INSERM
1985-1995 Researcher at INSERM

Research training (post doctoral)

Since 2014 Vice Director of research unit UMR 1137 INSERM– University Paris 7:
“Infection . Antimicrobials. Modelling . Evolution”
Co leader of team “Biostatistical Modelling, Clinical Investigation and Pharmacometrics in Infection Diseases”
2003 –2013 Director of research unit UMR 738 INSERM– University Paris 7: “Models and Methods for the therapeutic assessment of chronic diseases”
Head of team “Biostatistical Modelling and Pharmacometrics”
1995-2000 Head of team: “Modelling of pharmacological processes; application to the analysis of clinical trial and to therapeutic drug monitoring” in INSERM UMR U436 INSERM – University Paris 6 : “Mathematical and Statistical Modelling in Biology and Medicine” (director Pr A Mallet)

Exhaustive list of publications


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