First name: Julie
  Last name: Bertrand
  Function: Researcher
  Email: julie.bertrand

Research interest

I am a Biostatistician with an expertise in modelling pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic data. My research focuses on the evaluation and development of new inference methods for dynamical processes in order to i) quantify treatment effect or bioequivalence, ii) identify genetic markers of the drug response, iii) jointly infer the survival of events of interest,... In collaboration with clinicians, I have applied my methodological works to the analysis and design of several pharmacological studies.



2009: Ph. D in Biomathematics, University Paris 7

Academic positions

2016-present: Research Fellow, UMR 1137 INSERM University Paris 7

2012-2015: Medical Research Council Research Fellow, University College London Genetics Institute

2010-2012: Research Associate , University College London Genetics Institute

Exhaustive list of publications


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