First name: Mélanie
  Last name: Guhl
  Position: PhD candidate
  Email: melanie.guhl

Research interest

The subject of my PhD is the computation of uncertainty at finite distance in model-based tests of treatment effects on clinical longitudinal data, with an application to the trial Discovery.



2020: MSc in statistics equivalent (Diplôme d’ingénieur), Ensai, Rennes
Specialisation in biostatistics

Academic positions

2020 – present : PhD in biostatistics and biomathematics supervised by Dr Emmanuelle Comets and Dr Julie Bertrand, funded by Université de Paris, ED393 Pierre Louis de Santé Publique

Exhaustive list of publications


Guhl M, Mercier F, Hofmann C, Sharan S, Donnelly M, Feng K, Sun W, Sun G, Grosser S, Zhao L, Fang L, Mentré F, Comets E, Bertrand J
Impact of model misspecification on model-based tests in PK studies with parallel design: real case and simulation studies.
Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics 2022, 49, 557-577.